Web Management

Web Management



For those who want to be completely “hands off” their website, we offer web management services.

We know that there are many different reasons why you have a website, and your content may need to change daily, weekly, monthly, or possibly rarely. We have various packages available to meet your specific needs, starting at as little as $27/month!

First, let’s discuss what kind of changes you might want for your site:

Basic Change examples – simple text or image swap out, minor layout change to one of your pages, removal of a slide from a slideshow, embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video, removing a page, one new product entry in an eCommerce site, one blog post

Intermediate Change examples – creation of a new slide for a slideshow, creating and embedding a contact form, integrating a sign-up form from an automated email service, adding a new page with only basic features, changing the navigation menu, new category of products added to an eCommerce site, creation of a banner ad

Advanced Change examples – changes to a Membership area, changes to a Capture Page, creation of a Capture Page, Adding a Slideshow, adding a new feature that requires a new plug-in, redesign of a logo, creation of a new background image

Not sure what category your change will fall into? No Problem!  We’ll be happy to discuss it with you in a Free Phone Consultation!

Once you’ve determined what kind of changes you would like to have us make to your site, then you can choose a Package that best fits your needs… And if you ever need changes that fall outside of your package coverage, then we will be happy to offer a members only discounted rate of $25/hour on all extra work.

To discuss your personal needs or to get started with one of our packages, request a Free Consultation today!