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About Pen Jen Designs

Pen Jen Designs was founded by Jennifer Patterson in early 2013.  After spending 2 years of learning WordPress, Optimize Press, Instabuilder, and various Themes, many of her friends kept coming to her for help on website building and many of those friends were also referring friends to her….


The Patterson Family ~ 2013

The Patterson Family ~ 2016

So, long story short, Jen started Pen Jen Designs in order to better serve more and more happy customers.  As the Pen Jen Designs team continues to grow, Jen will
always be involved in every project as Project Manager and Lead Designer, because she LOVES to create websites that customers are thrilled to receive!

Jen’s husband Trey has many years of experience in IT, programming, and QA. So he is available to work on client sites that need custom coding for special features or possibly even a mobile app.

The Pen Jen Designs team also has experience in making Banner Ads, Video Intros, Video Outros, Custom Logos, eBook Covers, Facebook Pages, and many other Internet Marketing assets.

Be sure to check out our Products & Services to see what we offer, request a Free Phone Consultation or get a Price Quote on your project needs, or Contact Us with any questions!